Summer Breakfast Ideas

So school is officially over for me this year! (Woohoo!) Summer is here and I'll now be able to spend more time doing the things I love-yes, that includes blogging! In spirit of summer I've decided to do a list of some of my favourite summer breakfasts. My natural path has banned me from wheat, gluten and most dairy for two months so if you have any meal ideas for me please leave a comment, I"ll love you forever for it!

First breakfast idea is a good old smoothie. If you couldn't tell from my previous post For The Love of Smoothies, I love smoothies. Click the link for some smoothie ideas!

Another of my favourite breakfasts to make is granola, vanilla flavoured yogurt and fresh, cut up strawberries. It's quick, delicious and healthy. Swap out the vanilla yoghurt for greek yogurt for less calories and more protein.

Whole wheat blueberry pancakes are great for mornings that aren't so rushed. I buy a whole wheat pancake mix and then add blueberries into the batter. You can also do this with raspberries, strawberries or for a treat-chocolate chips!

That's it for now, as I've still got quite a bit to do before I leave for my trip (four more days!!!). I'll probably end up doing a part two of this and seeing as breakfast is my favourite meal, don't be surprised if a part three comes is posted in the future!



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